A quick word for today- After our 4 months of waiting on the Lord for a financial miracle (in the form of a job/ work for my husband), He provided. My husband got a job that exceeded our expectations and hopes! He has had the job for 3 weeks now and I am feeling very blessed to have a God who provides for his children. It will take us a little bit to catch up on our outstanding bills, but it will happen in time. I am so thankful for all the friends and family members who helped us in our time of need. I pray that God will bless them (and it says he will in Matthew 10:32) for their generosity.

Even though it was a tough season and very hard not to worry, it was also an amazing season. It brought both my husband and I closer to the Lord and it helped us rearrange where some our priorities were out of line with what God wanted. It is so awesome how God can use something that was meant for harm, for good- His good. Instead of it bringing us down, it moved us closer to Him and he used it to help us grow in our faith and dependence on Him. It is so easy to start thinking that you’ve got it all together and can do things by your own strength. When really, the only thing that we can rely on is his strength to carry us through. And He always will carry us through, when we are seeking Him. Thank you Lord!