I was reading The Word and praying this morning and God gave me a short but profound revelation that I feel led to share. Here it is:

God will ALWAYS bring us victory! Amazing right? Here is more: Sometimes it will take some work and effort on our part. For example, when King David’s army fought against the Philistine’s army, they had to fight hard and put forth a lot of their effort, but God did lead them into victory. In the Old Testament (on various occasions), the Lord’s army seemed much smaller than the enemy forces. And in the physical, they were smaller in number. In the physical, our minds would think that it was an impossible task to defeat the enemy, but with faith in God, anything is possible. When it was His will for them to win, he always brought victory, despite having less men than the enemy army. It takes faith in God, especially when the situation seems impossible to us, to have victory. To obtain victory from God, sometimes it takes boldness and courage when He instructs. You cannot be bold without faith. When God says “Go forth!” then it our job to have faith in his promises and boldly go forth. He will bring victory. Sometimes victory means suffering for the Lord’s name first. In order to come to that place of victory, sometimes we must suffer first. Sometimes victory is there even amidst the suffering. Paul says “…suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” (Romans 5:3-4) Jesus suffered in order to fulfill God’s purpose and bring victory to God’s people, so why wouldn’t we have to sometimes too? I will add that the victory is God’s victory, which because we sometimes think of circumstances in the flesh, might be different than what we originally thought. God’s victory is always better than we think. His understanding is higher than our own- much higher. We might have to fight, but God will ALWAYS bring us victory!!

Lord, thank you that you always bring us victory! We pray right now, in whatever situation you have us in, that you would help us to have faith in you, help us to keep fighting the good fight, give us strength and perseverance, helps us to be bold and courageous for your name’s sake. Help us to fight, and show us what we need to do to reach the victory that you have for us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.