“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13

There is no greater love than God’s love for us and Jesus’ love that was displayed in his life and on the cross. Jesus spent his whole life here on earth ministering to people and teaching them about his Father in heaven. He could have chosen to do many other things with his time; there are a lot of hobbies to take up here on earth. Instead, he gave up anything else that he could have done here to spend his life teaching people about an even greater purpose. He laid down the days of his life for God, whom he loved, and the people here on earth. He also endured very intense persecution and hatred from many people. How easy could it have been for him to say “these people aren’t grateful, they aren’t listening… I don’t want to go through with this” and then just walked away from God’s purpose for his life? But he didn’t do that. He loved God and us enough that he literally laid down his life when he was hung on the cross. He did it for a purpose. A very amazing purpose. By laying down his life on the cross, he made it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins and therefore able to have a relationship with our God and creator. Even after everything these people had done, he still loved us enough to go through the torture and the pain that he did. There isn’t any love story greater than that one!

I’m going to keep this one short and stop there. Have a blessed Resurection weekend and remember that Jesus is the reason for this Easter season!